How to Enjoy Pregnancy with Comfortable Clothing

It’s goes without saying that during pregnancy, especially the last trimester, everything gets progressively less comfortable. Driving, walking, cooking and most of all wearing clothes! Thanks to fashion designers who have felt the discomfort for taking the time to design fashionable and comfortable outfits for us expecting and new moms. Here are some of our favorite fashions for the new mom.

Maternity Yoga Pants

If you thought yoga pants were comfy before your baby bump you’ll find a new level of elation in this popular garment. The super comfortable waist band, stretchy fabric and exciting colors make these pants a must have for your new mom wardrobe. New moms all over are recommending them. And not just for yoga class! Be sure to choose a pair that can be used after your delivery too so you don’t end up with a closet full of useless pants. There are some good pregnancy pants on this site. Many options are now available that fit well with your bump and when your tummy flattens back out (because, don’t worry, it will!)

Sleepwear for New Mothers

Sleeping can be a lost cause when you’re expecting, but there’s no need to extend that into being uncomfortable. Having a loose and flowing gown to sleep in will ensure those hot flashes and chills are minimized and you can move freely.

Gowns are available in many colors, fringes and fits. For colder nights go with one that is longer and gives you a lot of wrap so you and baby stay plenty warm. You’ll be glad you did. When things are getting warmer (oh the summer pregnancy! we feel for you!) go for one that is shorter, more airy fabric and breathes better. Perhaps is even a bit loose to allow for a little more air flow.

Pregnancy Tops and Tee’s

Those cute little tanks for your flat tummy aren’t going to cut it after about the sixth week. Best be looking for a super comfy replacement. Pregnancy tops and tees are just the answer. For those quick outings, doing chores around the house or just a day to lounge around and rest you’ll want to slip into a comfy tee or top.

Styles range from cute mom colors and styles to high fashion. Many are designed to grow with your bump so be sure to look for one that will last you for the whole journey. Plan ahead and have one for each occasion such as that last minute grocery run, but also for when you’ll need to go to the inlaws for a holiday (assuming you’ve still got a full oven that is!).

Try to stick with wide shoulder bands if you go with a tank styles as your shoulders and get a bit tender. If you’ll be caring for other babies while you’re expecting a new one be sure they are durable as you’ll likely get some tugs and yanks that could rip the garment.

Crop Bottom Stretch Band Flow Pants

Controlling temperature was hard enough before your new baby came along. It’ll be even harder with the hot flashes and sudden chills. It’s too hot for a pair of pants and too cold for shorts. The answer is a crop bottom legging or flow pant. You’ll get enough airflow to keep you cool on the hot days and warm on the cool days.

You can be comfortable and happy while pregnant with just a few changes to your wardrobe. Having that right pair of pants or sleepwear can be all the difference. New and expecting moms don’t have to suffer any more thanks to the latest fashions and apparel. Give your wardrobe a quick makeover. You’ll be glad you did!

Frozen Fashion Trends

Frozen is a Disney movie that came out in November of 2013 and over a year later it’s only gaining in popularity. Not only does everyone love the soundtrack, buy their kids frozen pajamas from Snugglenado, and watch it frequently, it’s also become a theme in fashion. We would like to showcase a few examples of how Frozen has made its appearance in fashion.

Olaf Fashion

First, let’s talk about the impact Olaf has had on the fashion industry. Olaf is a fun character that everyone enjoys being around. To the right you will see an Olaf-inspired outfit. The pants and chunky knit sweater are white, just like Olaf. Cute brown boots are perfect for snowy winter weather. The outfit also has accessories that are symbolic of Olaf like a carrot ring, a little bow, orange nails, and other black highlights such as a black necklace and black eyeliner.

Elsa Fashion

Next up, let’s look at an Elsa-inspired outfit. These are much more fancy than Olaf and many are great for a night on the town. The one on the right is not a dress like many other Elsa-inspired outfits but is a pant and coat set. Most Elsa-inspired fashion is full of light blue colors, sequins, glitter, sliver, and snowflakes.

Anna Fashion

Anna is another Disney princess that has won the heart of millions. While some women like the winter ice queen look of Elsa, others like Anna’s personality, perseverance, strength, uniqueness, and love outfits that are inspired by Anna. Anna wears a dark pink and blue in the movie so all of the outfits reflect that. Some are dresses and some are pants/tops, but all are beautiful, fun, and remind one of Anna!

Sven Fashion

Remember that funny moose in the movie? You know, Kristoff’s buddy? He has even shown up as a fashion trend! Who would have thought a moose could inspire trends in fashion? The picture on the right is a lovely winter outfit with shades of brown, a chunky knit sweater, orange accessories, and even moose earrings. This is just darling!

There are other characters that have inspired fashion trends as well such as Hans and Kristoff, but we don’t want to give everything away on this blog! Head on over to Pinterest for more Frozen-inspired outfits and you won’t be disappointed!

Spring 2015’s Most Wearable Fashion Trends


So many different prints, silhouettes, and designs filled The Spring 2015 (sponsored by runways that is hard to keep track. But the are ends that have been especially popular across the runways. Slow Lane Made are sharing most wearable trends for spring.


The mix of bright colors, floral prints,  and classic patterns, including gingham presented by Diane von Furstenberg did not disappoint her audience. Popular trend on everything from clothing to accessories, was highlighted by her. The splash of yellow adds the perfect touch of spring while the black and white base keeps it classic. Altuzarra also used the gingham pattern in just about every way possible, putting a sophisticated spin on his spring line. This look mixes two gingham pieces with its black and white skirt and powder blue top. He completes the look with a modern sheer knit.


Rebecca Taylor utilized tied fabrics and soft belts on jackets, dresses, skirts and more. This look uses a neutral belt to balance out a full, delicate lace top and textured skirt 3.1 Phillip Lim merges a similar waist tie into dresses and jackets, jumpsuits, that creates bold statements on the most simple designs. This look mixes a slouchy fit and deep colors for an effortless modern outfit outcome. Detailed waistlines will be huge this spring as many designers layered extra fabrics and accent pieces to create slimming looks.


excitement brought by Jason Wu  to minimal looks with muted prints, range of textures  and a deep jewel tones,   This design brings detailed neckline and flared silhouette to a suede dress . With the balanced dynamic lines and shapes of Altuzarra with suede fabrics and neutral palettes.He just mix  asymmetrical stripes with brown suede for a striking contrast.


Images in Slideshow by Glamour